How To Make Your Business Card Stand Out

Someone once told me that business cards would be a thing of the past.  That was nearly a decade ago and here we are still using them.  Of course, trends have come and gone which made it easier to get someone’s contact info (i.e. remember the QR code?).  But the tried and true business card survives.  The standard business remains the ultimate...

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10 Steps to Better Visual Marketing With Canva

To be frankly honest with you, one industry buzz phrase which I am completely sick of hearing is “call to action” or CTA.  Everything I hear and read tells me that my marketing work, EVERY PIECE, needs to have a CTA incorporated within.  Really?  What?  Do my grey hairs cause you to think that I am new to marketing?  And inspiring a...

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5 facts on why you should be on Instagram

The other day I was thumbing through my Instagram feed and saw that my first image was posted 87 weeks ago.  Yesiree, Eighty-seven weeks ago my friend Amber (@alexa_mommy) grabbed my phone, installed Instragram and told me that I just “had” to be on it.  Um, okay.  She was a new mom and posted A LOT of media of little Kehaulani.  Now,...

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What is SEO…in less than 50 words

As marketing efforts slowly migrate over to social media, it astonishes me how many times I get asked “What is SEO…exactly?” The first thing wrong with that sentence is the ‘slow’ migration to social media. Despite what you hear and read, the transition is, indeed, not as fast as everyone thought it would be (not that you’re not trying). The truth is...

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Why Your Blog Is Failing

Once in a while I’ll hear from someone who’s sold on the value of business blogging, starts doing it, and then doesn’t see any results. This isn’t because they’re looking for overnight results — they’ve probably waited 3-6 months, but they still aren’t seeing a meaningful quantity of traffic and leads come through.